The horse behavior

The horse is a timid animal, as well as brave. It is adapted to life in the group has a repertoire of attitudes and behaviors that serve to communicate. Undoubtedly, it is essential for a pleasant relationship between us and the horse, learn to understand and know their behavior and sounds. It will greatly help to better understand and anticipate their behavior.

Horses and other animals move from four basic impulses: fear, aggression, learned responses and instincts. So it is easier to train a horse without first discovering what motivates him.

Horse behavioral.

Some of the behaviors that often have the horses to be taken into account are:

-If he puts his tail between his legs is a clear symptom of fear and the horse is ready to defend.

-If he starts to kick on the ground, means that the horse is irritated.

-If we move sharply, the horse will react sharply.

– If he discovers his teeth, it’s a warning that he is going to attack us.

– If the horse is showing signs of wanting to kick, we should beware and never be intimidated because they immediately perceive their power and will feel stronger.

The horses tend to get along in pairs but wrong when it comes to groups of more than two of the same sex. At the time of the meal, some horses will try to fight to get more food. So you should not attach too close the horses who do not know when they eat. Without action in this way and none of the horses moves away showing signs of submission, the fight between them is sure.

Horses are not territorial animals in the literal sense of the word, but they would be very aggressive if an intruder, as a horse or other animal approaches to the group. This will be warned and eventually attacked for having approached to the group and not having crossed a concrete territorial limit.

A horse have to be happy and be healthy, they should do exercise every day, having the company of humans and if it is possible from other horses. Also must have a stable clean, have an adequate diet and keep them active, boredom can cause a disease.

Regarding the cat, dog or pig, horses are unfortunately stupid, but are able to find the way back to home in the dark with easily and a great distance on unfamiliar terrain or mountainous. The vision of the horses is close and monochrome, gray.

Horses also respond to our words and tones of voice with precision and remind people and experiences for many years. These talents coupled with his ability to predict earthquakes and storms, have raised speculation that have ESP.


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