Lola Flores

Little in the world will be as dear, eternal and beautiful as a flower, which also symbolizes the best of a thing. For art, which always seeks the beauty and perfection, little there will be as suitable as a garden or a paradise. And in that very special Eden, highlights a particular flower, a flower with name and surname. We refer to the brilliant and passionate María Dolores Flores Ruiz (Lola Flores), singer, dancer, actress and Andalusian artist.

The performing arts were always the vocation of this overwhelming of Cadiz. She was born in Jerez de la Frontera on January 21, 1923, loved and valued flamenco from an early age, being known in her early years as a dancer.

Lola Flores

In the early 40s, she joined artistically with Manolo Caracol, with who formed one of the most explosive couples of flamenco. The singing of the man and the woman dancing would sign such unforgettable performances as “La niña de fuego” (the girl of fire).

At this stage, Lola Flores initiates her contacts at the cinema, starring in a classic film as “Embrujo” (Bewitched) (1947). The ’50s marked her apogee as movie actress; she participated in more than fifteen films, of this step highlights “La faraona” (1955), a Mexican film whose title became the nickname of Lola Flores.

Although the artist continued participating in the cinema for the rest of her life, she made it with less frequency, compared with her first two decades. In 1962, highlights “El balcón de la luna” (the balcony of the moon), in which would share the stage with Carmen Sevilla and Paquito Rico, with whom would maintain a deep friendship.

At that time, La Faraona was devoted extensively to her shows and personal projects through Spain in various auditoriums and theaters.

In 1972, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which would worsen over the years to rip her life in the spring of 1995. She died at age 72. But with her death did not die nor her art and her glory, as her three sons would be devoted to music professionally. We talk about Lolita Flores, the late Antonio Flores and Rosario Flores, all of them sons of her marriage to Antonio González “El Pescaílla“.

We have talked in depth of the interpretive aspect of Lolita Flores, highlighting some of her best known films. But also an actress was a brilliant and passionate flamenco singer and dancer, being the architect of a style that inherits her daughters.

Lola Flores’ discography is immense and impossible to compact her more than half century devoted to singing. Among her most popular songs include titles such as “Ay, pena penita pena”, “La zarzamora” or“El lerele”, which are the beginning of an extensive curriculum.

So Lola Flores has been one of the most versatile performers, temperamental and passionate that has given the flamenco. Nobody can detract nor her dedication to theater, or her voice of unsurpassed character or the expressiveness that gave off in that particular dance. And is that as Rocío Jurado said: “Lola Flores es inmensa, como el Universo, como Dios, como el amor; es lo más grande que ha creado Dios encima y fuera de la Tierra” (Lola Flores is immense, as the universe, as God, as love, is the greatest thing that God created above and beyond Earth).


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